When a sausage dog and a seal puppy met on vacation, they hit it off immediately

Even when we are on vacation, we can make friends, and getting to know people from the places we visit is a great way to do this. It could be the start of a beautiful and long-lasting friendship. Stanley’s owner, Melanie Talbot, recently took him on a trip to Cornwall so he could have a good time on vacation there. The person and the pup then went to a seal sanctuary in Cornwall, where Stanley met a seal pup named Aayla and became friends with her.

Even better, the two friends posed for pictures together. Everyone who saw it couldn’t help but say, “Aww!” As soon as Stanley entered the underwater viewing area, he noticed Aayla. The seal pup also seemed happy to see her new friend. The two animals looked at each other through the glass wall of the tank. Aayla and Stanley talked to each other for about 20 minutes, a sight for sore eyes.

Most of the time, Aayla can be seen near the underwater viewing area. This is because she loves to talk to people and dogs. So, it’s clear that this seal pup has already made friends with a dog before. But she did seem to love Stanley a lot. Aayla might have thought Stanley was another seal because the pup was wearing a dog coat with his ears tucked in.

A worker at the Sea Life Trust Cornish Seal Sanctuary, Georgina Shannon, said, “I think she was totally interested in him! From the pictures, you can see that she was very interested in him and spent a lot of time looking at him through the glass. Since the photos were so cute, they quickly spread over the Internet.

Aayla was saved from Bacton in 2017 and taken to the sanctuary in 2018 with the hope of giving her a permanent home. Melanie, Stanley’s owner, said that Aayla and Stanley got along as soon as they met. They had been putting their noses against the glass as if they were telling each other secrets. Stanley’s vacation was great because he met a new friend in Cornwall, and we’re all glad that these two were able to connect.

Image by Mabel Alfie stanley dachshunds | stanleysausagedog1 | Melanie Talbot | More Information