Two different high school football teams came together to pray for a player who had been injured.

West Orange, Texas (KFDM): West Orange, Texas A picture that is going viral shows two high school football teams from different schools joining together to pray for a player who was hurt during a game. The photo has been shared thousands of times.

During the high school football game that took place on August 26 in Texas between Nederland and West Orange-Stark, photographer Noah Taylor captured the image.

In the second half, a kick returner for Nederland went down with an injury and had to be helped off the field. While medical personnel hurried over to attend to him, the West Orange-Stark players called over the Nederland players. He remained unresponsive throughout this time. In the picture, the two of them can be seen kneeling together and praying.

Noah Taylor captured a picture of the players from both teams kneeling together in prayer, and he posted it on his Instagram account. According to him, this demonstrates that there is still some good in our societies.

The image was passed around by Beth West. On her Facebook page, she wrote the following comments:

This fills me with a sense of immense pride for these young men. With all that’s been going on in the world, I really hope this goes viral. Instead of focusing on all of the divisions, the media should have been showing more of this instead. May God bless these young men and their parents for the correct way that they have been raised. (The young man was taken away in an ambulance after suffering a concussion but is expected to be fine.)

It was said that he left the hospital and went home early on Saturday, August 27.