TRUE: Alyssa Milano’s Vendetta Against Elon Musk Cost Her $13 Million So Far

Alyssa Milano has tried to steal the spotlight from Elon Musk, but it’s not going well. Our sources say that the actress has lost more than $13 million so far, which isn’t likely to go down soon.

Finance experts say that Milano’s net worth, which was $10 million before the scandal, probably hasn’t changed much, but her future income and job prospects have been hurt a lot. Money expert Joe Barron said, “She lost the Who’s the Boss reboot, and that alone cost her almost $9 million.”

Other big losses include the lawsuit over her burned-out Volkswagen, which damaged a neighbour’s Prius and stopped traffic in and out of a fancy Soho neighbourhood for hours, and her $150,000 salary from Unicef. The group kicked her out because she was “too unstable.”

Joe Barron, who works for Milano, says that she isn’t too worried about how much this costs her because “most of the money is just on paper and doesn’t really affect her.” It’s still unclear if that means she doesn’t think she needs the $13 million or if the whole story is a bunch of lies.

For the purposes of this fact check, we can say for sure that the story is true.

The facts and numbers may have been changed slightly to back up the reporter’s statement.