Nigel the “Coendo” is the cutest porcupine

Have you ever thought you’d meet a porcupine with sharp quills?

“Coendou,” a pig family member, is a wonderful animal that caught people’s attention after they saw a video showing that love has no limits. Only 10 years old, he is.

Some people didn’t think someone could love such a unique animal so much.

After seeing the video, a user named @AlecBaldwinTactical said, “Whaaaat, I didn’t know I liked these things.”

People wanted to pet it like crazy because of its cute Boop-Able nose.

@Kittymom23 “I just want to hold him. That nose is too cute for words,” he said. Putting Security at Risk? Yes, we expected that to happen, seeing as how the man makes hearts melt.

“OMG, I need to smack his nose,” says @CrystalBurge1. This piglet’s nose is pretty soft, but the rest of his body isn’t.

Because their tails can grab onto things, they are sometimes called “Prehensile-Tailed Porcupines.”

Some people who watched this video of Nigel and his caretaker said how cute Nigel is. “What a precious baby,” @Pitbullmama said as an example.

One of the people who asked for these details even asked how old Nigel was. Nigel is ten years old, the owner himself told him.

The porcupine is full of surprises, that’s for sure.

Porcupine Facts?

Even though its Latin name literally translates to “quill pig,” the porcupine is the most prickly of all rodents. There are more than two dozen species of the porcupine, and all of them have a coat that is covered in quills that look like needles. These quills serve as a reminder to predators that this animal is not an easy meal. There are porcupines with quills that are almost a foot long, such as the crested porcupine that lives in Africa.

From what Kingdomstv says,

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