Cat and Bearded Dragon Become Friends, Even Though They Shouldn’t.

Baby is a cute white cat, and Charles is a female bearded dragon. Even though they are different in many ways, they are best friends. They are living proof that being from two different species doesn’t make it hard to be friends for life. Even though the cat could hurt Charles, the bearded dragon, this cat is dedicated to keeping her safe and protecting her. Instead, he likes to hold her close.

Charles is also a good friend of Baby’s. When Baby’s friend is scared of thunder, Charles is right there with him. The bearded dragon gives a gentle hug to her furry best friend to calm him down. Most of the time, the two friends can be seen cuddling up and having fun with each other. At other times, they go outside to play, look out the window, and watch over their house.

Charles can be very protective of his land at times. She once took Baby’s bed, so the white fur ball had to sleep in a box. When they first met, Baby’s owner was afraid that Charles would get hurt by Baby. But in the end, they were holding hands. This cat and bearded dragon have decided to be best friends for life, despite their differences.

#1: Come here, I want to kiss you.
#2: Snuggling up with my best friend.
#3: Why pay for security guards when we’re both here?
#4: When you find a good place to sleep.
#5: Don’t you think we’re so cute?
#6: Just staring at each other.
#7: What do you think you’re looking at?
#8: Getting together with my best friend.
#9: Giving all my love to my friend. Baby, the cat, now lives with three bearded dragons, two other cats, and another cat.

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