About the magical Fish whose mouth is bigger than its body

Do you know why this Fish is called what it is?

The name of this small Fish is kind of interesting. It’s called The Sarcastic Fringehead (Neoclinus Blanchardi). As for that strange name, “fringehead” refers to the loose flaps of tissue that hang over the Fish’s eyes, while “sarcastic” is thought to come from the Greek word “sarkázein” or describe the animal’s sarcastic closed-mouth expression. But, It Goes Well Together. This is because this Fish’s wide mouth is bigger than either its head or its whole body. It is used to scare away bigger animals by the sarcastic fringehead.

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This Fish lives in the waters of the Pacific Ocean off the coast of North America, from San Francisco, USA, to Baja, California, Mexico.

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This small Fish was found in 1858. It is very aggressive and has a long, thin body. These Fish only get up to 30 cm (12 inches) long because their pectoral fins are big and their pelvic fins are small. Sarcastic “Fringeheads” Are Predators Who Wait in Ambush. They tend to find a place to hide that keeps them safe and gives them a good view of their prey so they can pounce on it. The sarcastic Fringehead Fish will attack divers or anything else that comes close to them aggressively, making it hard for anyone to want to go back.

These Fish really are very strong.

When two Fringe heads fight over their home, they press their mouths together in a way that looks like they are kissing.

But what really happens is that they decide who the biggest Fish is.

The Fish with the biggest mouth or the biggest body size wins. It gets the best place to live and a chance to mate. The female then lays many eggs in the best spot, and the male fertilizes them. He then uses more verbal aggression to defend his children.

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Marine biologist Watcharapong Hongjamrassilp’s thesis research shows that fringe heads talk to each other by using different bright colours on their mouths. But then, it doesn’t seem like they have much good to say.

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