A woman put a camera-equipped water fountain in her yard to take pictures of her guests

Jennifer George, who lives in San Diego County, put a camera in her water fountain to identify the animals that came to drink from it or swim in it. Her idea was brilliant, and the results showed that it was well worth it. Check out her hidden camera’s pictures, and get ready to be amazed.

#1: Walking slowly toward the fountain to take a drink.

#2: When you think you’re a classy wolf who wants to drink from a fountain.

#3: Since it’s a hot day, I thought I’d come for a swim.

#4: When you wake up in the middle of the night thirsty.

#5: There’s not much to see here, just two coyotes drinking.

#6. The fountain makes me feel like I should jump in and swim.

#7: Look out of the corner of your eye to make sure no one saw you drinking water from the fountain.

#8: Aren’t I majestic?

#9: When a skunk came to drink from the water fountain.

#10: There’s no doubt that this coyote was very thirsty.

#11: Skillfully landing on the edge of the fountain.

#12: It’s clear that birds like water fountains; what else do you need to know?

#13: Look at this cute thing.

#14: Choosing whether to drink some water or jump in.

#15: Taking in the fountain’s view before taking a drink of water.

#16: If you can find me, I dare you to do so.

#17: When it’s 100 degrees outside and you decide to take a cold bath.

#18: I’d like to lick that water.

#19: Look, I just landed on a fountain.

#20: That one person who comes to see you at night.

#21: This water-filled thing is very interesting to me.

#22: Carefully look around to ensure no one is nearby before you walk up to the fountain.

#23: A sight to behold.

#24: When the animals have a pool party.

#25: The coyote drinks water in the middle of the night.

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