A woman finds out that her Dahlia flowers have become a place for frogs to stay

People in Snohomish, Washington, usually know that spring has come when the snow has finally melted, and beautiful flowers begin to bloom. Allison Lamb finds out it uniquely’s spring, though. It’s because of a cute group of noisy neighbours. When spring comes, all the frogs start croaking, letting everyone know that it’s time for growth.

The Snohomish Lavender Farm is run by Allison, the owner. She says that the frogs that come to her farm are very busy and many. “There are flowers all around my house. And they grow up the walls and into my flower baskets that hang from the ceiling,” she said. Most of the time, Allison sees one or two frogs hopping around her house. When she checked on her flower garden one day, she saw something amazing. She saw a frog sleeping in the centre of a dahlia flower.

Allison was shocked to see such an amazing thing happen. Nothing like this had ever happened to her before. Allison said, “I was thrilled to find a frog sleeping in one of my dahlias.” She grows more than 200 dahlias on her farm. She was surprised that the flowers were just the right size for the small animals to live in. Allison sometimes saw more than 10 frogs using her flowers as a place to hide.

Allison and her kids would spend most of the mornings in the spring and summer looking for Pacific tree frogs in the flower garden. They found that trying to find the creatures gave them the excitement and fun they needed.

Allison and her family soon realized that the frogs weren’t just playing around when they took petals from the dahlias. They did a lot to ensure the flower garden was alive and doing well.

It looked like the frogs were eating the bad bugs, which was good for Allison. Allison loves seeing tiny creatures with green faces peeking out inside her beautiful flowers. When they leave at the end of the summer, it makes her sad.

Allison said, “They stay in the flowers all season until the first frost kills them.” Even though it’s sad for the person to see the frogs go, she knows that they’ll be back in the spring. We hope that people will stay at her flower hotel next year.

Image Credit & More Info; Allison | snohomishlavenderfarm.com