A man sees a frog living on a fence and decides to build a home for it.

A TikTok user named UnknownDazza recently saw a frog living in his fence and was worried about it. This person decided to help the frog because where it was living didn’t look good and didn’t have any protection. UnknownDazza even gave the creature the name “Frodrick.”

This person came up with the idea to build Frodrick, a small frog house. He thought building the wild frog a house would be fun and interesting. After all, it would be better for the animal. Unknown Dazza used a 3D printer to make a house that fit perfectly on top of the fence that Frodrick was living on at the time. When the house was done, it was given to Frodrick as a gift.

But he was disappointed because the frog didn’t act as he thought it would. “It made him mad. We checked on him a few hours after we put it in, and he had moved out. Devastated!” Not Known: Dazza said. The human didn’t give up hope and thought about giving the creature some time to get used to his new home instead of taking the house back and throwing it away.

This time, UnknownDazza wasn’t let down because a week later, when it was raining, Frodrick finally agreed to live in a house. When the TikTok user got home from dinner, he saw the creature in his new home. It looked pretty happy. UnknownDazza is now working on building a better place to stay because he saw Frodrick getting used to his new home and getting feedback from other people.

Anyway, he built a new house with a pool for Fodrick.

He hopes to give Frodrick this new house in the near future. He will have to be happy with his little house on the fencepost until the work on the new project is done. We all hope that Frodrick doesn’t move out before his new house is ready, and let’s also take a moment to appreciate what this kind person did for this little creature.

Image Credit & More Info; unknowndazza/Instagram | tiktok