A lovely man bought Sea Turtles and set them free at the local food market.

People who save wild and aquatic animals in time can also make a difference in their lives. Or they are sold in markets as food. The person telling the story is Aaron Cooling, who lives in Greymouth, New Zealand. One day, he and his friend in Papua New Guinea saved the lives of two sea turtles about to be eaten by another.


The two Mawns bought the two turtles for less than 40 Rupees in the US. They then travelled about 5 kilometres and put the turtles back in the water where they came from.

In many places around the world, it is okay to catch a lot of sea turtles. In the coastal areas of Papua New Guinea, turtles are also caught for their meat and shells.

The two turtles Aron and his friend saved were not the first to be protected by humans. Turtles have been rescued and set free by humans before.

Six of the seven types of sea turtles in the world are in danger of extinction.