A letter from a retired teacher to parents is getting much attention.

In a blunt letter to parents, a retired teacher didn’t hold back. It’s now being praised by thousands of people, and many say the last line is dead on. Do you agree? That’s the only question.

Lisa Roberson, a retired teacher, made a lot of noise when she put pen to paper and wrote about how she felt about how public schools are run today. Even though many people have ideas about things like the public school system, childcare, and education, this teacher struck a chord because she spoke from years of experience.

Others wonder why American students seem to fall behind those in other countries. The retired teacher wrote a letter and sent it to her local newspaper. Her opinion was printed in black and white. The teacher’s words left no room for doubt, as Lisa put it all on the line by saying what she thinks is the real reason students are failing.

Lisa Roberson wrote, “As a retired teacher, I’m sick of people who don’t know anything about public schools or haven’t been in a classroom in a while telling us how to fix our education system.” Then she talked about what she thinks is the real problem. “It’s not the teachers’ fault! The problem is with the parents! “They don’t teach their kids manners, respect, or even how to get along with other people in general,” she boldly said.

“The kids wear shoes to school that cost more than the teacher’s whole wardrobe, but they don’t have pencils or paper. Who gives them to them? “Most of the time, the teachers pay for them out of their own money,” added a clearly frustrated Lisa. Then she asked many questions whose answers some of these parents might not like.

“When you look at “failing” schools, pay attention to the parents and students. Are parent nights attended by parents? Do they talk to their teachers often? Do they make sure their kids are ready by making sure they have what they need? Do they check to see if their kids do their homework?” Lisa Roberson asked this question as a joke.

“Do they have phone numbers that work? Do the students write down what’s said in class? Do they do what they need to? Do the students pay attention in class or cause problems?” Lisa said, “When you look at all of these things, you’ll see that it’s not the schools that are failing, but the parents.” Teachers can’t do both their own jobs and their parents’ jobs. Nothing will get better until parents step up and do their jobs!”

Since the truth hurts, these words might hurt some people more than they hurt others. But Lisa Roberson is partly right. The success of a child can’t just be up to the teacher. The parent has to be there, but most importantly, they must be a parent. Some things must be taught at home before being reinforced in school. First, it’s not the school’s job to teach our kids basic manners and respect, nor is it the first place they learn about responsibility.

Before a child goes to school, he or she should learn these basic ideas from his or her parents at home. Teachers are there to teach kids how to read, write, and do the math, among other things. That can’t be done if the child doesn’t know how to act. Even though it might be hard to hear, the parent shouldn’t blame anyone else but themselves if a child isn’t doing well. Instead, they should consider whether they are living up to their own expectations and responsibilities. Parents are, after all, the first people a child learns from.